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Monsal Trail and Bakewell

Today we got up early and headed over to the Monsal Trail and hired a couple of bikes. We headed to Bakewell first and bought ourselves a bakewell tart to enjoy throughout the day for extra energy! Then we started to cycle the Monsal Trail which is 8.5 miles of disused railway with 6 tunnels to cycle through, 4 of which are very long, they were freezing! Along the trail we saw the disused railway stations and the scenery and nature was spectacular. When we got back to the car we had something to eat and then headed to Buxton which was OK but I preferred Bakewell to the two. But by then I think we were worn out and cold and just wanted to get home. Here are some photos of the day…





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  1. Little Miss Traveller Avatar

    Lovely,we were there recently too and enjoyed this part of the Peak District

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