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Category: General

  • Last minute time off

    I have two weeks left to take this year. I was meant to take time off at the end of September, but things got in the way so at long last we agreed, at the last minute, I’d have until the 14th November off. I’m sitting on the sofa, discussing with Si what on earth…

  • Dad’s Cycle for SMA UK

    My Dad is cycling from London to Brighton on Sunday on behalf of my beautiful niece Alice. Alice was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy so Dad is riding to support an amazing charity called SMA (UK). Any support would be amazing! You can support by following the Just Giving link: here Thanks very much 😊

  • Summer madness

    I never thought I’d hear myself say it, but, I think I’m sick of summer. This year has been far too hot and humid. Sleepless nights, constantly uncomfortable etc. Roll on autumn.

  • The Vyne

    Today we went to The Vyne. Such a lovely National Trust property. We went insode to look around the house, then we had a nice cup of tea in the sun. After that we went for a walk in the grounds which was about 3.5 miles long. We treated ourselves to an ice lolly after…

  • Evening Out

    Off out tonight as it’s Simon’s first Saturday not having to work weekends! I’m really excited 😁

  • Rainy days

    Nothing better than sat inside, all warm and comfortable, while watching the rain come down with the balcony door open. Wet, warm spring Tuesdays.

  • Weird weather

    Such crazy weather today. I got up at 5.15am and it was nice and bright, a lovely morning. When I left the gym to head to work the sun was so bright and the sky was crystal clear. It got warmer through the day and it made me feel so happy. When I left work…

  • It’s almost the weekend!

    Had a lovely evening with Simon last night, we went to the Rowbarge in Midgham to a meet the brewer event. The ale was great and the food was tasty. We left the car in the car park and took the train home. This morning I took the train back to Midgham to get the…

  • Funny post

  • An evening out and A Quiet Place part 2

    Yesterday we went out for dinner at Cobrizo Lounge in Newbury, it was very tasty and just what we needed after a long day, especially the ice cold pint of Punk IPA! Si had a three plate tapas which consisted of halloumi and corn fritters, squid and buttermilk chicken dippers, it looked yummy 😋 I…

  • Sunset

    Beautiful sunset in Newbury tonight 😊

  • Not long now

    An hour until my week off starts!

  • What a day

    It’s been one of those days where things got gradually worse as I progressed through it. Then all of a sudden, after hours, the drama just stops! It has physically and mentally drained me. I’m just so glad I have a week off next week.

  • Off to Costco

    I love a good trip to Costco! We always end up buying far more than we need 😅

  • Long day

    Looking forward to getting home after a long day!