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Tag: Holiday

  • Belfast City Break – Day 1

    After an early, 4.30am start we arrived in Belfast. The weather as we stepped out of the aircraft was pleasant and there was a hint of farmland in the air. The flight wasn’t bad, just short of an hour from Luton. We boarded the express airport link bus to the city centre. We got to…

  • Week off

    We have been in the sun all week, so today we are enjoying a well deserved Lord of the Rings marathon!

  • Ladybower Reservoir and Derwent Dam

    Today we wanted to have a decent walk in the countryside. Si had the great idea of walking around a large reservoir, so we headed over towards Ladybower Reservoir which took almost an hour but it was worth it. We parked up in a car park next to the water and set off on our…

  • Speedwell Caverns and Castleton

    Today we got up early(ish) and travelled from Chesterfield over to Castleton to visit some caverns. We got there early and had to wait before we could enter Speedwell Cavern as the tour wasn’t for another 45 minutes so we decided to climb a small hill just across the road from the cavern entrance, it…

  • Monsal Trail and Bakewell

    Today we got up early and headed over to the Monsal Trail and hired a couple of bikes. We headed to Bakewell first and bought ourselves a bakewell tart to enjoy throughout the day for extra energy! Then we started to cycle the Monsal Trail which is 8.5 miles of disused railway with 6 tunnels…

  • We have arrived in Chesterfield.

    We had a nice drive up to Chesterfield today, made it in good time. We arrived around 2pm so not enough time left to do much so we decided to go to Sheffield on the train for lunch and a look around. Here are some photos…

  • Not long now

    An hour until my week off starts!