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Tag: Weather

  • Rainy days

    Nothing better than sat inside, all warm and comfortable, while watching the rain come down with the balcony door open. Wet, warm spring Tuesdays.

  • Weird weather

    Such crazy weather today. I got up at 5.15am and it was nice and bright, a lovely morning. When I left the gym to head to work the sun was so bright and the sky was crystal clear. It got warmer through the day and it made me feel so happy. When I left work…

  • It’s almost the weekend!

    Had a lovely evening with Simon last night, we went to the Rowbarge in Midgham to a meet the brewer event. The ale was great and the food was tasty. We left the car in the car park and took the train home. This morning I took the train back to Midgham to get the…