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Category: TV / Movies

  • Terrifier

    Watching Terrifier tonight. I have a feeling its going to be awful!

  • Funny use of words

    We’re watching Drink Masters on Netflix and all the contestants use the phrase “appreciate it” an awful lot 😄

  • AVP Requiem

    We have been watching the Alien and Predator films over the last few weeks. Today we watched AVP Requiem. First thing we noticed was we couldn’t actually see the film, it was so badly lit it was too dark to see the action scenes, even in some daytime scenes. The acting and camera work was…

  • Week off

    We have been in the sun all week, so today we are enjoying a well deserved Lord of the Rings marathon!

  • Sense8

    I have started watching Sense8 again. This is the most beautiful and progressive program. I absolutely love it 😊

  • An evening out and A Quiet Place part 2

    Yesterday we went out for dinner at Cobrizo Lounge in Newbury, it was very tasty and just what we needed after a long day, especially the ice cold pint of Punk IPA! Si had a three plate tapas which consisted of halloumi and corn fritters, squid and buttermilk chicken dippers, it looked yummy 😋 I…

  • Halloween

    Watching The Conjuring for Halloween night 🎃