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Tag: Evening

  • Dinner tonight

    We had the leftover lasagne I made from a couple of nights ago. It’s one of my favourite things to cook as I make it extra tasty! Also, it gets better after a few days when the ingredients have had a chance to mingle.

  • Evening Out

    Off out tonight as it’s Simon’s first Saturday not having to work weekends! I’m really excited 😁

  • An evening out and A Quiet Place part 2

    Yesterday we went out for dinner at Cobrizo Lounge in Newbury, it was very tasty and just what we needed after a long day, especially the ice cold pint of Punk IPA! Si had a three plate tapas which consisted of halloumi and corn fritters, squid and buttermilk chicken dippers, it looked yummy 😋 I…

  • Sunset

    Beautiful sunset in Newbury tonight 😊