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Ladybower Reservoir and Derwent Dam

Today we wanted to have a decent walk in the countryside. Si had the great idea of walking around a large reservoir, so we headed over towards Ladybower Reservoir which took almost an hour but it was worth it.

We parked up in a car park next to the water and set off on our hike. We headed into the trail by the Ladybower Inn and it was immediately beautiful with spectacular views.

We headed up the east side of the resevoir which took almost 3 hours but we walked through woodland, villages and on farm roads. We even saw the site of the flooded village and the remains of the vicarage.

We stopped for lunch when we reached the Derwent dam and imagined the WW2 pilots practicing low flying for the bouncing bombs.

We then walked down along the dam and headed to the visitor centre and headed back on to the path. This walk was more woodland for most of the way and was a lot straighter than the last so it was a little quicker.

Towards the end of the trail a fighter jet flew over us which surprised us!

We crossed the bridge by the snake pass and headed towards Ladybower dam to look at the giant plug holes and watch the water going down and out the other side.

It was a 30k step walk so we were feeling pretty shattered when we got back to the car so we decided to go out for dinner for pizza as it was our last night up north.

Here are some photos of the day…





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